Pointer in C# (.NET) and why .NET not allow to use as safe

I tried to use pointer in C# because I use to do the same in C++. But I cann’t do this in .NET (C#) cause the pointer is unsafe with every reason.
1. Pointer can point to every address.
2. If you cann’t control the pointer well as “Memory Leak” then you will get the memory problem.
3. You will get the error If you destry one object and there were some pointer still point to that object. That pointer will point to null.

The problem above show the unsafe of pointer then .Net not allow to use it. Because of most reason to use pointer will use for the low level programming. So C++ or VB6 will be better to use it. :D

I have searched the google and found one reference site that explain why you cann’t use pointer in .NET. This article is awsome. Let’s see this reference : unsafe .NET pointer